Wijzig PDF’s direct vanuit DMSforLegal met onze nieuwe Kofax Power PDF integratie

Edit PDF’s directly from DMSforLegal with the new Kofax Power PDF integration

Kofax Power PDF users can now use a new integration with DMSforLegal, which allows them to edit PDFs directly in the DMS. Bart van Wanroij, Managing Director at Epona thinks this could save people who often have to make changes to PDF documents a lot of time: “Editing PDF’s that were already in the DMS was a cumbersome job. But with the new integration, since files no longer need to be downloaded from the DMS first, then be edited, and be re-uploaded to the correct matter, a lot of steps previously needed can be skipped. This also prevents a sprawl of PDF files spread out local devices, leading to versioning chaos and not to mention the security risks.”

The integration is easy to set up and available now. Please contact your Epona consultant for more information.