Epona introduceert Unified Legal Document Management in Microsoft Teams met DMSforTeams

Epona brings Unified Legal Document Management to Microsoft Teams with DMSforTeams

Legal professionals working in law firms or corporate legal departments were faced with new challenges on collaborating with colleagues and external parties during Covid times. While working remotely, they needed an easy but safe method of sharing information and working together. A new requirement to facilitate this was videoconferencing. Microsoft Teams quickly became the preferred tool, since this combined all the required functions in one app. However, speed and simplicity were sometimes preferred over security or governance checks, resulting in unchecked security risks. CIO’s are now faced with a shattered IT landscape with files, e-mails and other pieces of data scattered over multiple systems without a good overview of their governance and compliance needs. What they need is a proven and tight set of security protocols that keep the information safe, but don’t hinder employees in working efficiently with their tool of choice: Microsoft Teams. With many firms and legal departments already realizing that a Microsoft 365 based DMS like DMSforLegal can help you achieve better information management and security, they can now take the next step in optimizing their workflows using their DMS data natively in Teams with the new Epona DMSforTeams.

Introducing: Epona DMSforTeams

Epona DMSforTeams creates a paradigm shift for both users, administrators and CIO’s at law firms and corporate legal departments in perspective to how they look up, edit and use their DMS data. For users of Microsoft Teams, it offers direct native access to all the familiar DMSforLegal features but now from a single Microsoft Teams interface. This meaning all their business can now be done from one single interface, and no more clicking through different sites, Teams, tabs, browser or libraries.

For administrators and CIO’s DMSforTeams offers a single pane of glass management solution for controlling DMS data, regardless of whether it’s being made available through SharePoint or Teams. There are no more makeshift 3rdparty integrations necessary any longer to manage data on multiple platforms. For Law firms and Corporate Legal departments, using the Microsoft Security & Compliance solutions, both configured Data Loss Prevention and Sensitivity Labels are fully supported out-of-the-box.

Working with external clients (Federation)

DMSforTeams supports Tenant Federated connections (a Microsoft capability), which is part of the upcoming Microsoft teams Shared Channels. Now it will be possible to work with people outside of your organization in an exciting way, as the external people don’t have to switch tenants or be added with a guest account. The shared channels can be created in a DMSforTeams matter or workspace, and you can now invite external people to work with you on that Team/Channel with safe access to the relevant matter or files. Access to information follows your firm or company’s security model, allowing compliance without loss of usability.

Teams provisioning: Get control of Teams

Epona now adds the ability to fully control the provisioning of your Microsoft Teams, making the creation and management of Teams sites easier than ever. This includes your firm or corporate governance models, integration with your Financial Practice Management or Time & Billing Systems and more. The provisioning of Teams can include also the provisioning of OneNote/Planner and other (custom) apps.

Another welcome change is the famous “Files Tab” in Teams will be your Epona SharePoint DMS Library, which can be accessed directly from your favorite desktop applications like Outlook and Word, as well as your mobile devices, and through SharePoint directly in a browser. Your DMS is now in a single location and can be accessed from any fully secure application or device. Your matter (or workspace) content will be saved in a unified, secure and structured way: one location, one security model, one platform: Microsoft 365.

Migrate easily into Microsoft 365 and Teams

It is time to move to a full natively integrated environment. While always using up-to-date Office versions, not having to rely on sync services to move data between isolated silos and your Microsoft environment. CIO’s want to make the most from their Microsoft 365 investment, while users want to use their familiar tools to be as effective as possible. Now is the time to put that phone back in the cradle and move all your current work items (Documents, Emails and more) from iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText, Worldox and many other Document Management solutions quickly, easily and smartly to the Microsoft SharePoint based DMS using Epona’s migration tools/services.

  • Full screen native App in Microsoft Teams, available in a browser and full desktop Teams client.
  • No synchronization necessary between the Files tab in Teams and your Legal Document Management as they use the same repository of Microsoft 365.
  • Full integration with Teams functionality (Co-Authoring, Collaboration etc.)
  • Total control of governance using Epona’s Provisioning Service.
  • No need for additional extranet solutions as DMSforTeams supports the upcoming shared channels.
  • Make SharePoint your Document Management System replacing costly and inefficient unintegrated systems.
  • Full support of Microsoft Information Protection and compliance solutions as all your data is in the Microsoft 365 cloud.

If you’re ready to Take the Next Step in document management with Microsoft Teams, please e-mail us at Epona sales@epona.com. For more information, please visit the DMSforTeams product page.

Epona will also be at the ILTA Conference (Booth #2227) where we can demonstrate the power of Epona and Microsoft 365.