Epona Legal Newsflash Q2 2022

Epona Legal Newsflash Q2 2022

We've got something to celebrate: Microsoft Teams became 5 years old this year! There are only a few applications with a track record this impressive in such a short time. I looked at the numbers and was in awe: in 2019 Teams had 20 million users. In 2020 there were 75 million, in 2021 145 million and now at the half way point of 2022 there are over 270 million users!

The pandemic of course gave Teams an unexpected boost, but the fact remains that if it wasn't a great tool for meeting and collaborating it would never have achieved these numbers. I'm the last to claim Teams is perfect, but as a complete tool set for online meetings and collaboration it is almost without an equal.

My colleague Marcel Lang recently predicted that Teams would become the new Outlook. Internal communications are rapidly moving from e-mail to Teams, and when Teams Connect is fully available collaboration with external parties will also finally be available. Which is why we keep working on DMSforTeams as the future of access to matters and files. If you want to learn more about this future, feel free to contact us. For now from all of us at Epona I'd like to wish you an amazing Summer.

Bart van Wanroij
Managing Director Epona Legal

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