Ketsal Consulting, LLC chooses Office365 with Epona and the Matter Center for their Document Management system

Brooklyn, NY and Asheville, NC – February 4, 2019 –  Ketsal Consulting LLC (Ketsal), a consulting agency, and its affiliated law firm Blakemore Fallon, which specialize in the blockchain industry, needed to choose an advanced technology solution for their document management that supported their users wherever they were on the globe and met their highly technology savvy clients’ needs.  They chose Epona to configure and deploy a web browser based, 100% cloud document management system on the Office 365 platform utilizing the Matter Center.  Today, Laurie Rosini, a Managing Partner is pleased to announce that their purchase of the Epona DMSforLegal & Epona Matter Center has been in full production for 2 months and productivity for even their Mac users has increased.


Ms. Rosini when asked about her experience with Epona had this to say: “When we first contacted Epona, we were impressed with the solution set, but were not ready. When we came back to Epona a few months later, we were ready but there was only a short time left in 2018 and we wanted it all done by years end.  Epona not only provided the critical and niche specific design our firm needed but was able to do it quickly and effectively.  What is really impressive is my Mac User partners are now able to file their emails in Matter folders directly from the browser.  Epona’s team was a pleasure to work with, and we are excited to have them as a partner, especially because we plan to leverage many of the powerful capabilities in Office 365 with our DMS such as workflow.”


Keith Vallely, Vice-President of Epona USA, said: “Ketsal Consulting LLC proves yet again that Office365 is the content management platform for full Enterprise document management.  By combining the Epona Tools of DMSforLegal with the Matter Center and online Email Management (email filing in a browser), Ketsal proves out that more than law firms but any business entity can utilize true document management, whether your focus is matters or projects.  Working with the Ketsal team was a pleasure and we look forward to adding a myriad of additional functionality to their DMS as we move into the future.”


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