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Create a new matter in MatterCenter

To create a new matter within MatterCenter proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click the hamburger menu next to the DMSforLegal title.
  2. Click the button Actions. A new screen for both matter creation and user creation will open.


  1. Click on Create a new matter and fill out the required data as shown in the image below.

  • Title: the name of the new matter.
  • Client: the client to which the new matter belongs.
  • ResponsibleAttorney: enter a name or email address of the person responsible for the matter.
  • BillingAttorney: enter a name or email address of the billing attorney.
  • PracticeArea: add a label to the matter to categorize based on practice area, i.e. administrative, labour law.
  • MatterStatus (not required): an indicator for whether the matter is active or inactive. A matter is active by default.
  1. Click on Save. The Matter is now saved and a MatterCode is automatically created as is the Matter in which documents and emails can from now on be filed.
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