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Within the Outlook App users have access to the Office 365 Tasks. Tasks are either standalone to-do’s, or actions connected to a specific email. Tasks are also accessible in Web View through the online SharePoint environment.


Tasks have various properties to indicate its status, category and due date. A flag or checkmark (1) indicates whether a task is completed or still has a due date. The location (2) shows in which folder the task is to be found and whether a task is newly created, or connected to an email. When a task is marked in a red color (3) the task is past its Due Date. A greyed out line (4) indicates that a task is completed.


To create a new task, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Either right click within the task viewing pane or click New Task from the Home tab within the Outlook Ribbon.

  1. When creating a new task users can add a Due date (1) which indicates when the task should be completed. Above the subject line the due date is shown. Tasks can be given a priority, indicated by either High Importance or Low Importance (2). To assign a task to another user in a user’s contact list click Assign task (3).

  1. When creating or editing a task it is possible to Attach or link to a DMS file.

  1. To Save a task click Save & Close.
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