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Follow the next steps to deduplicate a company from ContactManager:

  1. Click on the search folder Person (this folder is a subfolder of the Potential Duplicates folder). Select a record (person) from this folder and open the person’s details (double click). In a new tab the details are presented on screen for this person.
  2. Click on Check for Duplicates button
  3. This will open en new tab Check for duplicates
    On the left the Master Contact is presented. Below a field where a search is performed, querying the database for duplicate contacts.
    In the bottom part of this tab the (potential) duplicates are presented to the user of active contacts in the database.
    If no results are presented click on Search, if still no duplicates are presented then, according to the query, there is no data that indicates duplicates are available in the database.
  4. Select the duplicate contact(s) by placing a tick the box in front of the record.
  5. If more than one record is found, select all records that are identified as duplicates.
  6. Press the Set as Duplicate button

    The selected record(s) are added to the list on the right-hand of the screen in the Selected Duplicates screen

    *Note: If in this stage one of the found duplicate contacts should become the Master Contact, select the record and click on Set as Master and select Yes. The old record, previously identified as Master Contact, will be placed in the bottom part of the screen, the selected duplicate will become the new Master Contact.
  7. Click on the button Merge to merge the duplicate contacts to the Master Contact

    The window that is presented shows the Master Contact on the left and the selected Duplicate Contacts to the right:

    Deviating fields are marked in ‘red’ on the right. By clicking on the ‘red’ fields the contents are transferred to the Master Contact.
    *Note: Deduplication of Persons and Employees offers different options in the Merge screen, connected to the difference in relevant data between companies and persons. The merging process happens in an identical manner.
  8. Users can also manually add information to the Master Contact in this window.
  9. Click Save when finished. One returns to the Check for Duplicates window.
  10. Click on the button De Duplicate to start the deduplication of the selected contacts.
  11. Click on Yes to start the deduplication process.
  12. When the deduplication is finished, the actions of the deduplications are presented on screen. Click on OK to exit this screen.
  13. On the History tab of the record (Master Card) these changes can also be found.
  14. Click on 4. Merge Addresses to open the Merge Addresses
  15. When addresses are ready for use, select the duplicate addresses from the left-hand side of this window (Available). Click on the arrow in the middle of the screen to ‘transport’ the locations to the right- hand side (Selected) of this window. (If there are no duplicates, click cancel to exit this screen).
  16. Click on the button Merge to go to the next screen
    Addresses can be changed by clicking on the information presented in red is transferred to the Master Contact. Click on Save and on De duplicate to start the process and Yes to confirm.
  17. When the deduplication of addresses is finished, the actions of the deduplication are presented on screen. Click on OK to exit this screen.

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