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Deduplication of contacts is a process to delete duplicate contacts (Companies, Persons, Employees and/or Companies with one or more locations) out of ContactManager, by merging duplicate contacts into one single contact. To do this, you need Administrator rights, so make sure you are logged in as an administrator before you proceed with this instruction.

The deduplication process uses the following steps:

  • Merge
  • De duplicate
  • Merge Locations
  • Merge Addresses
  • Merge Employees

Not all the steps need to be followed in each process; the steps may differ per process (deduplication of companies, deduplication of employees, and/or deduplication of companies). It is possible you only use step 1, 2 and 4.

*Note: When deduplicating always start deduplicating Companies. When deduplicating Companies, Employees that are listed to these companies will in the process be deduplicated. Deduplication is a permanent and irreversible action. 

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