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Filing Email

Users can file an email within DMSforLegal through the Filing Pane:

  1. Select the email
  2. Place cursor inside DMSforLegal Filing Pane text field box. If the Filing Pane is not visible click the Filing Pane button on the DMSforLegal tab on the Outlook ribbon.
  3. Type destination location

  4. Click File button to the right of the file bar. The email will be left inside the user’s mailbox and a copy has been filed to the chosen destination.
  5. The email now displays “Filed” and a yellow stripe is present to indicate the filed status at a glance from the inbox. The Categories column will also receive a yellow box and “Filed” status for that email.

Copying and Moving Emails

By clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of the File button, you can also choose the copy and move options, instead of filing the email directly.

You can also move emails into your DMSforLegal folder by dragging and dropping email from your mailbox to the site, subsite, or folder on the DMSforLegal tree.

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