Save Attachments to DMSforLegal

A user can save attachments to DMSforLegal in two different ways.

Option 1:

Drag and drop an attachment directly into the desired folder location within DMSforLegal.

Option 2:

  1. Select email and right click on the attached document to select Save to DMSforLegal

  1. Within the Save As dialogue box, browse for a destination folder within the search bar (1), or click the Advanced Search (2) button at the top right of the Save As dialogue box, enter keyword(s) into the search box (3), and Press Enter.

  1. Select a destination folder and click OK.

*Note: If Overwrite and publish a major version is available at the bottom of the Save As dialogue box, then a document of the same name already exists within this folder.

*Note: Users can save content to any SharePoint location they are authorized to see. Authorization is granted through the Permissions setting from within SharePoint, which is typically determined by the SharePoint Administrator.

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