Searching Matters

  1. Select _My Matters on the DMSforLegal tree. On the top of the Outlook previewer you can see where Outlook is searching, as shown below. The default is ‘current folder’.

  1. Enter keyword(s) in the search bar. Notice the Outlook ribbon changes to Search Tools ribbon.
  2. Press Enter. All content within SharePoint containing the keyword(s) displays in the Outlook previewer.

Search Refiners

Once you type in a search term and press the Enter key, a new pane on the far right-hand side of the Outlook previewer opens. In the image below you will see one search refining type selected for each of the available refining categories, as an example of possible choices.

This powerful feature allows you to further narrow your search results based on the following refiners:

  • FileType: Word, Excel, PDF, OneNote, PowerPoint, xml (email)
  • DisplayAuthor: Whom in your organization created the document
  • ClientName: The Client the matter is filed under
  • MatterCode: The number that identifies the matter or matter
  • MatterName: What you named the matter folder
  • LastModifiedTime: What time frame do you want to search through

*Note: Only matters the user has read-access to (or higher) will be searched.

  1. On the Outlook Home ribbon, click Advanced Search in the DMSforLegal tab.
  2. Enter keyword(s) into the text field labeled Search for content to search for content within a document. Simply enter keyword(s) to the other text fields below if you want to set additional or different search parameters. Utilize the […] browse button to open a new dialogue box that will allow you to search in the DMS for the specific document property type.
  3. Click OK

*Note: Users can take advantage of all Outlook search tools, such as recent searches. Recent Searches is located on the Outlook Search Tools ribbon as shown below.

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