Working with OneNote

After opening the Notebook OneNote will open in the browser. In case users have OneNote installed on their PC they can open the OneNote Desktop App by clicking Open in App in the Ribbon at the top of the screen.

Within the desktop version of OneNote you’ll find the bookshelf (1) with the current Notebook visible (in the online version this bookshelf is visible as a hamburger menu). Every Notebook is divided into Sections (2) and Pages (3).

By right clicking on a page users can add a subpage to that page to organize notes in an even more structured way.

Below the bookshelf both a magnifying glass and a clock are visible.

  • The magnifying glass lets users search within all sections, pages and even different notebooks.
  • The clock lists the most recently modified pages across all notebooks.

OneNote has the capability to store and edit data in a free-form way. This means that users can add notes, images and drawings to any location in a NoteBook, without spacing or margin restrictions.

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