Tijd is geld – de voordelen van automatisch tijdschrijven

Time is money – the art of automatic time capturing

Software should make our work easier: in one big step, by completely changing the software solution, or in little steps, by making small improvements each time.

One such small step can be automatic time capturing. By cleverly automating time recording, an activity that is cursed by many time writers, you can make it somewhat less invasive. Based on what you have been doing, such as processing e-mails, an appointment or preparing a document, the computer calculates how much time you have spent. This time is automatically charged to the correct dossier and the correct task. The computer then collects suggestions about how to write the time, all you have to do is check and confirm them.

Stop time leakage

Time worked is less likely to leak away and ultimately you decide yourself in every case whether this time can and may be charged. How does it work?


The software retrieves appointments from your diary and makes a dossier suggestion based on an analysis of the email addresses of the invitees and the description of the appointment.

Working on documents

When you are busy with a Word document, the time spent is measured and a declaration suggestion is sent to your time capturing system when the stored document is closed.


For e-mail messages, the dossier in which the e-mail is likely to be stored is determined automatically after the e-mail has been sent and, based on this, in many cases a fixed number of minutes is charged to the dossier.


The last, but by no means unimportant, category is the telephone call. The charging of the time taken on outgoing and incoming calls is made on the basis of telephone numbers that are related to clients, parties and ultimately the dossier. This time can be registered for all call traffic that runs through your telephone exchange.

The future

Is the automatic registration of the above items not sufficient for you? Then you can always consider looking at advanced and specialised time registration software, such as that from provider TIQTime. This even measures the research time you spend on particular websites.

In this corona / work from home period, work time has never been so flexible. The implementation of automatic time capturing can lead to great benefits for the users, but it can also be seen as a control mechanism. Our advice is therefore to offer this functionality as a voluntary option. Show your people the small steps that can be taken to automate that irritating time recording as easily as possible. We are happy to help you on your way and to activate those first steps for you within a few minutes.