TransformITy Solutions and Epona partner to deliver Epona DMS for Microsoft 365

TransformITy Solutions and Epona partner to deliver Epona DMS for Microsoft 365

Newburyport, Massachusetts and Asheville, North Carolina – November 5, 2021. TransformITy Solutions, LLC (TransformITy Solutions), was founded on the principle that the rise of cloud technologies provides smaller organizations with access to the types of tools previously reserved for much larger ones. TransformITy helps organizations increase productivity and profits by understanding their business needs and helping them implement outstanding technology.

TransformITy’s partnership with Epona will help the company deliver a complete cloud-based digital transformation package to its clients. Whether they are using traditional file shares to store their documents or stuck in a legacy, on-premise document management system, the combination of Epona’s software and TransformITy’s extensive experience in document management and information governance will allow clients to transform the way they manage and work with documents.

Because Epona uses SharePoint as its document repository, it offers both cost-effectiveness and functionality that is not available from other document management vendors. The fact that documents are not siloed, but stored in SharePoint, opens limitless possibilities for integrating documents into the security, management, and automation tools native to Microsoft 365.

“What I really like about Epona is that it gives users all the advantages of a traditional, full-featured document management system as well as native integration with the Microsoft 365 environment. This gives them the best of both worlds,” said Monroe Horn, Principal of TransformITy Solutions.

Ed Bergstrom, Director of Sales and Channels at Epona USA, said: “We at Epona are very excited to team up in a partnership with TransformITy and Monroe Horn. Monty has spent much of his career helping law firms better manage their documents and become entirely paperless. He brings over twenty years of experience selecting and building technology solutions that allow small organizations to compete successfully with places ten to fifty times their size. Monroe’s knowledge and experience helping firms with document management is exactly what Epona’s customers need.”