Microsoft 365 for law firms and corporate legal

The last step to a unified legal enterprise solution

For law firms and corporate legal departments, fast and secure access to information is the key to their success. Microsoft 365 is already in use by many  organizations, but most of them have only just touched the surface of its capabilities. The most useful tools in the toolbox are overlooked or under utilized.

Most organizations are not fully benefitting from their often already heavy investment in Microsoft 365. This whitepaper outlines the next steps they can take, to start using Microsoft 365 as their next and final unified legal enterprise solution.


In this whitepaper:

  • Using Microsoft Teams for optimal collaboration and file management.
  • Easy e-mail management by combining DMSforLegal and Exchange.
  • Optimising Sharepoint for better search abilities regarding documents and other information.
  • Classify documents with metadata.
  • Automate tasks- and document workflows.
  • Gain useful insights through dashboards.
  • And more…


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