Epona guides organizations through change and offers business optimizing solutions designed to enhance the way professionals work.

With our dedicated consultants, developers and staff, Epona enjoys meeting the software solution needs of hundreds of organizations since 1993. Not only do we aim to excel in the service and support of our customers and partners, but also the work environment that creates it.

The Epona culture deeply contrasts the fast-paced world of technology, with a calm atmosphere at the open concept headquarters, and team-based work groups working with the direct cooperation of the management team. Those working at Epona have the flexibility and security to innovate and continually deliver on the Epona mission.

Each person at Epona is empowered to actively direct change, constantly improving quality and standards while moulding processes and methodologies. Employees are secure in practicing and developing skills, freely communicating ideas and implementing solutions.

Our consultants comprise several fields of study, such as: programming, business, law, finance and economics. Each an authority in their respective field and IT solutions, they work alongside partners and our in-house team of developers to assess and advise customers on their system needs.

Epona consulting services have led to the deployment of solutions from Epona and various vendors including Microsoft, iManage (formerly HP Autonomy) and Adobe. With the knowledge to support technical decisions, the Epona team has fortunately brought many successes and upheld the corporate vision.

Vision: to provide unmatched technological advancement in organizations by utilizing software solutions that originate from the principles of business that govern these organizations.

Mission: to deliver products and services that strive to enhance processes, productivity and profits for customers and partners through the provision of progressive software.



Our management team members represent the spirit of our company and are committed to leading our organization according to high standards of integrity and accountability.

Product Manager ContactManager

The noteworthy technical expertise of Marco distinguishes him as a talented and highly qualified consultant, developer and database specialist. Extensive knowledge of business processes, law firm infrastructures and legal technology extended Marco’s original projects’ timelines into valued, long-term, external consulting relationships with several large law firms and organizations.

Product Manager EPONA365

As the resident expert par excellence of legal technology, Marcel brings forth everything for legal IT. His specialties in document and records management, CRM and archiving, in combination with an in-depth legal compliance and risk management knowledge base, easily provide for the unique needs of law firms and legal departments.

Managing Director

Bart van Wanroij has been active in the software industry as a computer software trainer since 1995. At Epona, he is currently responsible for quality control, as well as running our country firms Epona Deutschland and Epona USA. In the last 15 years he has worked for large corporate clients and many law firms in the trademark industry.