KMSforLegal: Knowledge management for legal professionals

Let you past work do the work for you. With KMSforLegal, the knowledge management system for DMSforLegal you can re purpose and reuse information from your DMS as a centrale knowledgebase.

Solving complex legal issues can be a time consuming matter for both legal practices and corporate legal departments. A lot of information and necessary knowledge is being accumulated case by case, person by person. The knowledge needed to solve issues is contained in the minds of your professionals. This often results in copy / paste behavior from previous documents, which is prone to making small but sometimes costly mistakes. So how can you benefit from all your previous works, so new documents can be made easier and be of a consistently high quality? KMSforLegal allows you to set up a knowledge management system and proces, using all available data from your DMS.

Adding new information to the KMS (Knowledge Management System) can be done directly from Outlook with Microsoft 365. The information submitted to the KMS can be evaluated and redacted by your knowledge management team. They can edit, classify and make the submitted document available as a new recourse to the company. This way, you can easily collect, store and re purpose case law, standard text blocks, templates and research resources for future use.

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