Microsoft Epona Matter Center for Office 365 and on-premises environments is an intuitive, easy to use,  document management and collaboration solution for SharePoint.  Use of the Epona Matter Center eases the deployment and use of SharePoint as a document management platform.  The Epona Matter Center coupled with DMSforLegal/DMSforSharePoint has made SharePoint a fully seamless and accessible document management system for all manner of businesses that seek to leverage their SharePoint platform investment more productively.

The Epona Matter Center when paired with Epona DMSforLegal/DMSforSharePoint improves the way law firms, corporate legal departments, accounting offices, and any business entity by assisting professional collaboration, making it easier to organize files by client, project, region, department, matter, kind, or type, as well as adding metadata automatically.  Additionally, document reviews, versions, document collaboration, email management, sharing content internally and externally, as well as utilization of Groups (calendars, tasks, OneNote, OneDrive and more) and search, are greatly enhanced making working with documents and emails even easier.  And all of this possible while never leaving Microsoft Word or Outlook. Because Matter Center works with Office 365 and is built on an enterprise-grade platform, these productivity gains can be realized while reducing risk and cost.

Epona DMSforLegal/DMSforSharePoint compliments Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365 to deliver a timely and powerful solution for firms seeking to utilize SharePoint in the Cloud or on Premises for their document management and collaboration platform.


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