Machine Learning


Machine Learning can be activated and setup through the DMSforLegal 365 Settings.
Extensive information about its initialization can be found in the installation manual.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a technique to intelligently suggest the filing location for new emails. The more an end user makes use of the system, the more information DMSforLegal receives and the more accurate the suggestions will be.

To experience the results of Machine Learning, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the email that has to be filed and select the drop-down arrow in the Filing toolbar.
  2. DMSforLegal will offer a number of Filing suggestions where the selected email can be saved archived.
  3. The bar charts on the right side of the suggestions indicate the accuracy of the suggestion. The longer the system is in use, the more the database behind the suggestions will be built and the systems learns what locations to suggest.
  4. Suggestions are created according to different variables, like Sender.
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