Webinar: Microsoft and Epona:  Utilizing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint in Law Firms today

Please join us as Paul Edlund from Microsoft and Marcel Lang from Epona, discuss and answer questions about Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Paul is Chief Technologist for Microsoft’s central region. Marcel is co-founder of Epona the developers of DMSfor Legal a Document Management System for law firms/corporate legal.


In this webinar we will demonstrate and show the abilities of this powerful tool and explain the benefits of having native DMS abilities in Teams. We will show you how to access data, collaborate on it, and discuss the security benefits.

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Topics of the webinar:

Paul and Marcel are answering and discussing such topics as:

  • Teams and its impact in law firms and corporate legal;
  • Development roadmap for Teams and trends in law firms today;
  • Myths or misunderstandings of SharePoint and it’s capabilities or limitations;
  • Discussing the new structure for Microsoft 365 and its subscription levels;
  • All things Azure;
  • Bring your own key (BYOK).  What is it and what are its benefits;
  • Also taking questions from the attendees;



April 7th 2022
11:00 to 12:00 ET


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