Choose Microsoft 365 if you want to take the Next step in Office 365

In the past five years the tremendous growth of Office 365 has eradicated the on-premises server at your office locations and has offered innovative and very functional Microsoft tools at an affordable price. Many of our clients have taken the step to move to Office 365. Epona consultants are now recommending for many of our clients, the Office 365 Subscription named: Microsoft 365. This is the best choice for companies and firms that require a robust set of security tools that can include “full control” of the devices it is installed on, thus ensuring that enterprise devices are completely inaccessible to unauthorized users.


All in one plus

The Business Premium suite consists of your basic productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Teams. Productivity software is only half of the concerns that enterprises are faced with. Security is another deep area of concern, coupled with the fact that end users should also not ‘hate’ having to work in the system. Microsoft has created very powerful toolkit that simplifies security distribution, and end user ease, while also delivering core software solutions, in Microsoft 365.


Microsoft 365 is the right solution for companies and firms that are seeking to deploy robust global enterprise grade security, across all devices, along with information management solutions.  With Microsoft 365 you get all the tools you had in Office 365, with the added safety and management features that in the past were only available to big enterprises with big IT-budgets, not to mention, you can even get a Windows 10 upgrade if your enterprise is still using Windows 7 or 8.


I especially want to highlight the security aspect of Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 adds features like mobile device management (MDM), which allows administrators to remote lock or wipe a device in case of theft or loss. It also makes it possible to enforce company security policies regarding i.e. password changes or required Defender and Windows Updates to ensure that your organization applies the most recently available security patches.


Microsoft 365 also features Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) tools to protect users and their devices against things like phishing, malware and other modern threats. It can prevent sensitive company data being copied to unauthorised devices and has advanced e-mail archiving to Exchange Online.

Affordable for everyone

As mentioned, all of these features that historically have only been available to big companies, can now be utilized for a small monthly fee. It is for this reason, that our IT Consultants now recommend Microsoft 365 to many of our small and midsize clients. If you compare the pricing and look at the added value of Microsoft 365, it should be the default choice for any business that takes security seriously.


The additional cost for a typical user/firm from Office 356 Business Premium to Microsoft 365 is about €6/$6 per user/month*. For the amount of additional capability, previously unavailable to small and midsize firms, it is a tremendous value.


Epona Products do not require any specific “Office Subscription” but just in case, check in with your Epona consultant to discover what is the best value for your enterprise.

*Pricing may vary per country