Installing OneDrive on a PC

OneDrive enables users to easily collaborate with other users on files in real time. Users can share files and folders and synchronize in both an online and offline work environment. Users can access OneDrive online through the DMSforLegal Portal by clicking the dotted button in the top left corner of the screen. Next, click OneDrive.

When opening the OneDrive page, users will find a list of Shared libraries which are based on the matters in MatterCenter. By opening a Shared library uses have access to their matter folders and files through OneDrive.

OneDrive can be installed as an App to a user’s PC to enable synchronizing folders and files while working locally or offline. Proceed with the following steps to install OneDrive on a PC:

  1. Visit and download the OneDrive client.
  2. After installing the client users will be prompted to enter their Office 365 credentials.
  3. OneDrive will create a folder on the PC with contents identical to the contents of the online OneDrive folder. From now on this folder will continuously synchronize its contents with the cloud, so users are always ensured to have the most updated version of their files back-upped in the cloud and available on any device.

  1. Within the OneDrive folder every folder and file will have a Status which indicates whether the file is synchronized with Cloud. Two blue arrows indicate that the synchronizing is currently happening, a green check mark indicates a synchronized file and a red cross indicates that an error occurred (possibly because of a faulty Internet connection).

  1. OneDrive is now successfully installed.
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