Synchronization scenarios

When the OneDrive folder is assigned as a save location for user’s files and folders, OneDrive automatically synchronizes the contents with the Cloud environment. After making changes in a document or other file type, the status indicator will change from the blue arrows into the green checkmark after the file is closed.

When working on files while being offline the following situation could occur: a user tries to synchronize a file with OneDrive after the Internet connection is restored and the status symbol indicates that an error occurred in the synchronization process.

A reason this could happen is because another user might have edited the same file online and now there is a discrepancy between the available online file and the offline file that needs to be synchronized. Users will find the OneDrive app at the bottom of the Windows taskbar by clicking the icon in the system tray.

Next to the red cross as a status indicator the OneDrive App will show the following message to notify the user that the synchronization process didn’t complete.

Users can take the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Right click on the file that couldn’t be synchronized and select View sync problems from the context menu.

  2. Users can either choose to keep both files as two separate versions, or open an Office app to determine the changes between the two files.

  3. After opening in Office users can find a Resolve button after clicking on the Info tab in the menu.

  4. This opens the document in the Conflict view and users can review changes between the original document and the modified document.

  5. After reviewing all the changes users can save the file and it will automatically be synchronized with OneDrive.

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