Subscribe to a Matter

When users subscribe to matters, any matter – or site linked to the subscribed matter – will be displayed and becomes available in the DMSforLegal tree.

  1. Right click on My Matters in the DMSforLegal tree.
  2. Select Subscribe to matter to open the Subscribe to matter dialogue box.

  1. If you know any information about the item you are searching for, enter it into the corresponding text field. Search for a matter to subscribe to by typing keyword(s) into one or more of the text fields labeled: Matter (1), and Client (2), To search every matter you are authorized to view, leave the fields blank and select search (3).
  2. Click Search.

  1. Select the matter(s) to subscribe to. Select and subscribe to more than one matter at a time with multi-select (hold down control key).

  1. Click OK.

After subscribing to new matters they will automatically be added to the Recent Matters in DMSforLegal Folder popup when selecting a matter to file emails into.

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